suzanne barr | chef | whole food advocate | food stylist

whole food cooking is a broader frame of reference that honours the basic integrity of a food spirit, of adventure and about food in our everyday lives...
the integrity within each dish offers an appreciation of the freshest seasonal ingredients, and a desire to reinterpret familiar dishes with unexpected twists...

Suzanne’s love for food began over eight years ago when she resigned from her position at MTV Networks and began a journey of following her passion to cook. She began her professional training at Blossoming Lotus a vegan restaurant in Kauai and then with James Beard awarded chef Beverly Gannon’s, General Store in Maui. Upon returning to New York, Suzanne worked at numerous restaurants and catering companies as a vegan baker and sous chef. She served as the Executive Chef for the raw-food supper club The New Deal. It was during this period in New York that her heightened interest in food styling began by working and creating with many of the top food artists and food creators.

As culinary opportunities arose it sparked an interest steering her focus into the world of a private chef. The life of a private chef enabled her to accompany her clients to some of her favourite food destinations, France, London, Spain, Miami and the Hamptons. The resourcing into her client’s dietary needs motivated her to create full meals that were gluten-free and sustainable; thus beginning an understanding of the relationship between our physical and mental health and the food we eat. An issue Suzanne is very passionate about.

In 2013 Suzanne returned home to Toronto, Canada to launch Pepper and Sprout Food a platform to educate and promote healthy food choices. Suzanne designs custom menus for individuals as well as the film/photo industry as an independent boutique catering company. In 2014 P+S Food has expanded into a food studio offering cooking demos, food styling, food workshops, and healthy meal delivery plans.

Suzanne is a passionate advocate for a food economy that is “good, clean, and fair”.
In her spare time, Suzanne is working on her first cookbook called, ‘Cooking Alone’, a private chefs journal depicting her stories and recipes as a private chef.