The Dinettes programme is to employ women from varied backgrounds looking to get a ‘kickstart’ into the world of cooking and the restaurant business. A tailored designed program with a unique fusion of business disciplines, work experience and complex social support to provide a pathway for young women aged 16-25.

Saturday Dinette is a modern diner in the East End of Toronto. It’s theme authentic as it is unique. The heart of this concept: food, drink and design gathered from the worldly travels as a private chef by Chef Suzanne Barr. It serves as the workshop and working hub of The Dinettes programme. A working restaurant.

The Dinettes is a social enterprise designed to help young women change their lives. Why? To instill professional assistance and mentoring to a young person once they make the decision to embrace positive change.

As an organisation, it focuses on hospitality as a theme because food, drink and social interaction helps breaks down barriers. The program aims to transition a young woman through a variety of stages that can, for many of them, result in employment and a stable life.
Growth and funding from the private sector and humanitarian organisations will help develop cafes, catering, an eatery, and a coffee roastery to be operated by graduating students.
The money these businesses make goes directly into funding The Dinettes programs and supporting the young people who come to us for help. That means every one of our customers contributes in some way to helping young women!