The Dinette has Closed it's Doors and will no longer be Operating.

After a longstanding battle with our landlords we no longer found it to be the safe haven to us as a family and operators of a community centred restaurant. In particular our staff who came from various community outreach programs could no longer muster the energy to face constant intimidation and intrusion that made it uncomfortable for them to maintain employment and learn various life skills.

We have no regrets and love each single guest and friend who wished us well and supported us throughout the last 3  1/2 years. Thank you for helping with the birth of Myles; Thank you for helping us create the dishes you wanted; Thank you for the stories of the old neighbourhood;  And thank you for welcoming us into your community.


We are not finished yet!!!

You can find Suzanne creating her mother's dishes and the story behind it at the Gladstone Hotel as of the 12th of July.


Rest assured, this departure from the East end is by no means an end to the delicious and creative dishes  that you have all come to love and appreciate here with - The Dinette's li'l cousin just a few doors down staying Eastside. Strongside.

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